I saw this a couple of months ago and have been debating whether or not I should straighten my hair…at any rate, its good to see how others do it. So enjoy!

How I Straighten My Natural Hair (by KinkyKurlyQueen)

 Just in case it’s hard to read the captions I transcribed them for you below…
(0:41)• Prepping To Flat Iron (in order):
Wash w/ Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo.
Condition w/ Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner.
Deep conditioner overnight using Bee Mine’s BEE-U-Tiful deep conditioner.
Rinse in the morning.
Apply Grape Seed Oil and allow the hair to air dry until damp.
Blow dry using the “Tension Method”.
(2:2)• Note
What looks like smoke is actually steam…Steam is the MaxiGlide’s key feature.
It helps to smooth the hair and gives shine!! If you look closely 
you can see me pressing the steam button :)
(3:41)• The only products used to straighten my hair were 
Grape Seed Oil, which was apply when my hair was wet 
and Cantu “Super Shine” Hair Silk.
Try not to pile on too many products, doing so can 
weight the hair down too much and cause buildup.
(7:15)• High heat is NOT necessary to get “natural hair” straight! My 
MaxiGlide is only set to level 4 (of 10) and 
although it’s not bone straight it’s close enough for me.
Maintain a medium heat setting and use small/thin sections. This way 
you’ll get it straight without having to go over it more than once, twice at the 
most. Slightly lowering the risk of heat damage.
(11:02)• This video was recorded on 11/24 and I was able to maintain the look up 
until 12/14. I actually could have keep it straight longer, but 
my ends were screaming for water and my scalp needed a  good wash!!
Also I’m happy to report that my kinks and curls made a full recovery 
back to their natural selves lol! I won’t front though…I always get nervous 
and  feel like they just might not come back this time…but they did. Thank 
Goodness :) Flat ironing is risky business, be careful ladies!
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Source: youtube.com